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BIG is the cream of the crop at REGILAIT

BIG is the cream of the crop at REGILAIT

A resin flooring quality system

BIG recently completed a flooring application for the company REGILAT, powdered milk, concentrated milk and baby milk producers, at St Martin Belleroche (71) in France.  The flooring application was a urethane cement resin with anti-slip features and was applied to a surface of 200m2.

The flooring service delivered included the demolition of the existing floor and its complete covering with a resin coating. A sanding of the concrete support was necessary to ensure that the structure was level before completing the application. Certain damaged areas required a new mortar coating before applying the urethane anti-slip resin coating. To complete the application BIG built flash coves at the base of the walls and pillars.

Resin floor coatings have the best resistance to chemical spillages, mechanical and thermal impact, and ensure an excellent level of hygiene ( more on this in our resin section . In production zones that are humid, resin enables an efficient evacuation of liquid and maintains a secure working environment with its anti-slip and waterproof qualities. This guarantees a level of security for personneland protects them against risks of slipping in their daily activity.

BIG’s team specialised in resin flooring applications is available to assist you in the construction of your industrial flooring.



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