Maintenance contracts enable you to manage the costs associated with the upkeep of your floors and guarantees that they are always functional without the slightest concern. Different maintenance contracts are available which include an annuel audit with an analysis of the state of your floors.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details.

Our maintenance systems propose the following solutions:

  • Different technics to eliminate rocking slabs or cracks in the floors in order to maintain our operations at maximum efficiency
  • Joint stabilisers
  • Resin and other sealants with rapid hardening to reduce impact on production environment
  • Crack sealants
  • Joint repair work with Polyuerea Elastomer
  • Demolition and reconstruction of concrete flooring with a limited impact on your production. 24 hour drying time
  • Joint sealants in humid environments


Our range of polished concrete floorings provides an enhanced appearance to your floors using the RETROPLATE SYSTEM which has 3 levels of finishing:

  • Light Polish, polished effect
  • H1 Light Polish, natural effect
  • Hard polish, enhanced granularity

WHatever your choice of finishing, the mechancial and chemical resistance of your floor will be the same, only the appearance is modified.

BIG also proposes the following enhancement systems:

Cilicate treatments that harden your existing concrete floors

Self-levelling fluids with thickness of 5 à 30 mm that have the CSTB performance classification. These fluids will repair the structure of your industrial floor which may be structurally sound but which suffers from a generalised degeneration of the surface. This treatment enables a full repair of the floor after 7 days of drying.


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