04 Avr

Once upon a time : BIG and the generation Y – a collaboration based on industrial flooring

At BIG, innovation is not limited to our product offering for industrial flooring.  Recently BIG combined forces with students at ESDES Business School in Lyon on a communication project.  The objective was to create a draft video for a storytelling project which could be integrated into BIG’s new digital communication strategy. Storytelling being the latest trend in communication, the students were coached to develop a storyboard proposal inspired by the company and its history in industrial flooring, but using an original approach and style.  A real challenge and opportunity for the students who were able to reflect on professional communication within a sector that was little known by them.  6 teams delivered a video draft to the BIG board of Directors who then had the difficult task of selecting one proposal that fit with their expectations.  The students succeeded in recreating  key messages and qualities of the company in a variety of formats using different story concepts.  We invite you to look at the proposal by the team composed of the following students Quentin Carlier, Pierre François Gauthier, Victor Dosne, Pierre Fautrel et Hugo Burguburu, who are all following a specialised Master’s degree in Digital Commuications. Their proposal is particularly innovative and original, inspiring a new vision of the world of industrial flooring, which fits perfectly into our new communication strategy.


Our praise goes to these students for their original interpretation and their commitment.  A beautiful example of creativity and sensitivity that offers you a very beautiful BIG story.

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