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Full steam ahead with SNCF

Full steam ahead with SNCF

A complex paving application

BIG was subcontracted by CITINEA in France to build the paving in the SNCF workshops at Lyon Mouche in the heart of the city. This workshop is used to maintain and repair the train wagons for SNCF.  BIG was able to respond and adjust to the planning constraints and the complex nature of the concrete setting around the railing ditches, whilst ensuring a secure working environment for its team.

Sub-contracting requires a strong ability to react and be flexible in the organisation of work. Thanks to 35 years of experience, BIG is able to apply its strong knowledge of the industrial flooring products used for different market applications, aswell as its capacity to guarantee the reputation of a qualified team that can respond to its clients’ needs.  This flexibility in its interventions enables a successful collaboration which is appreciated by its customers.

This application at SNCF Lyon Mouche, France, was built using unarmoured concrete, to complete the reinforcement built by CITINEA.

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