25 Nov

BIG and the Chocolate Factory!

BIG and the Chocolate Factory!

A Resin flooring project for the food industry sector

JOUSSEAUME Chocolate factory in France entrusted BIG as flooring solutions provider for their factory and factory store in the Haute Savoie in France.  The company wished for a single project manager on the construction site and consequently called upon BIG and its expertise to successfully coordinate both its teams and the project.  Timing was tight with a deliverable required in a  week from the starting date of the construction.


BIG proposed and delivered a polyurethane resin coating of 4mm thick.  A polished effect was integrated into the 500m² area for the factory shop floor. Resin coatings are often the de facto solution in the Food industry due to its resistance to high or low temperatures, its ease of cleaning and maintenance, whatever the food spillages that can occur, aswell as its solid resistance to mechanical wear and tear.


BIG’s flooring solution enabled a comfortable working environment for the factory employees, with esthetic appeal to the delight of its customers!

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