The BIG story

For the last 35 years BIG has designed and implemented a comprehensive range of flooring systems and maintenance services. Founded by Lucien Bordas in 1981 under the name of SIB Bordas, the company has developed its activity in a thriving sector in constant evolution, whilst preserving its reputation of a company with strong human values that are reflected in the shared knowledge and respect within the BIG collaborative working environment

Despite the volatile economic environment SIB Bordas has remained a major player in the French construction industry.  The company has built its success through a strong sense of integrity towards its clients and other stakeholders as well as its ability to adopt a global vision to the industrial flooring sector.

WIth its new identity and logo BIG has taken an important step in its strategy.  This new direction will enforce its image and notoriety which has been founded on the historical values of the company: trust, development of its personnel and the engagement and understanding of its clients’ needs. And these needs have evolved. Our customers today require a supplier that builds a constructive relationship with them; one which adapts to a more complex market; a partner with a strong value proposition, thanks to a global range of reputable products and services.  A partner who understands its clients’ business issues, a partner that is connected with today’s environment and anticipates that of the future.

Our positioning must reflect this perpetual adaptation.  Our identity must be audacious and reinforce a notion of trust, longevity and serenity to our stakeholders.

2016 – a new identity for SIB Bordas : BIG – Bordas Industrial Group.

BIG is a group that continues to respect its engagements.  A group which continues to place its clients and other stakeholders at the heart of its strategy.  A group which continues to invest in sustainable innovation to accompany its clients in their future projects.  A group which is connected on an international scale in order to enable its clients to benefit from the latest technological developments in the sector.

We are proud to be able to share these values with you and invite you to discover our complete range of solutions on this website and in our online eBooks.

« SIB is one of the most established companies in industrial flooring in France.  Our challenge is to maintain our notoriety as well as adapt to the evolution of the different technics available, in order to respond to our clients’ needs. We continue to innovate, to reinvent ourselves and to nurture the loyalty of our stakeholders who depend on reliable and quality solutions.

A company is a team in which the success of each individual depends on the succcess of all those involved.  Giving one’s best is the only way to ensure the longevity of the company. » (Lucien Bordas, founder of SIB Bordas)

We provide a large selection of flooring systems that are compatible with storage spaces, production environments, commercial environments, retail areas, offices and museums as well as external paving, agricultural and aeronautical environments.

Our expertise and knowledge of the industry enables BIG to provide a global solution which considers all potential constraints, whatever your industry sector may be.

Didier Meggiolaro

Managing Director of Bordas Industrial Group

BIG en construction
The BIG team building the new logo
On porte le maillot BIG
The  BIG team